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Pennsylvania Civil War 150

Pennsylvania Civil War 150

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Gettysburg/Dutch Country Roads

Immediately north of the Mason-Dixon Line, Dutch Country Roads offers a wealth of Civil War history and experiences for visitors of all ages. 

From the famous Gettysburg Battlefield to the historic State Capitol of Harrisburg, visitors can follow the Civil War Trails through towns like Carlisle, Chambersburg and Lancaster and feel the echoes of the past in scenic, small-town America. 

See buildings that were occupied by famous politicians and activists during the Civil War, such as the John Brown House and the Simon Cameron Mansion, and experience the Civil War collections at numerous museums, including the National Civil War Museum and the State Museum of Pennsylvania. 

See paintings of the Battle of Gettysburg by artist Peter Rothermel, including his large depiction of Pickett's Charge at the climax of the battle.

Featured Sites

  • Gettysburg 150th
    Visit the Gettysburg 150th website by the Gettysburg Convention & Visitors Bureau for a comprehensive list of events, an interactive map, an iPhone app, and more.
  • Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center
    Visit the historic battlefield that witnessed three of the bloodiest days of battle of the Civil War. See where the war was decided.
  • The National Civil War Museum
    View this collection of more than 24,000 Civil War artifacts, manuscripts, documents and photographs from both the Union and Confederacy for a complete and balanced account of the war.
  • Pennsylvania Civil War Trails
    Discover the Civil War where it happened on this journey through south-central Pennsylvania. With markers at battlefields, museums, Story Stops and living history interpreters, hear the tales of the small towns and families that endured the war. 
  • The State Museum of Pennsylvania
    See uniforms, weapons and military equipment from the Civil War, like the Pennsylvania-made Kentucky Rifle, in the State Museum’s military history collection.
  • John Brown House
    Often credited as the spark that ignited the Civil War, John Brown stayed in this Chambersburg house while he planned his raid on the Harper’s Ferry arsenal in an attempt to arm an uprising of slaves in the fight for abolition of slavery.
  • The John Harris and Simon Cameron Mansion
    The controversial Pennsylvania politician and U.S. Secretary of War under President Lincoln during the Civil War, Simon Cameron resided in this Harrisburg mansion.
  • U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center
    Home to the Military History Institute, Visitor & Education Center and Army Heritage Museum, this is the premier center for U.S. Army heritage.

Additional Resources

Dutch Country Roads
Visit the official Web site of the Dutch Country Roads region for everything you need to plan a trip to this diverse Pennsylvania region. Tour the Amish country, see the state capital and stand on the hallowed battleground at Gettysburg.

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