Military Issues | Pennsylvania Civil War 150
Pennsylvania Civil War 150

Pennsylvania Civil War 150


Military Issues

Cemeteries & Monuments

Type ? Resource Title
S War Battles
S Past Commemorations
S Then/Now – Culture
S Nicholas Biddle
S David Wills
S John Burns
S Mary Ruggles
P Artifact: Paintings and Portraits: PA Memorial

Other websites

Type ? Resource Title
S National Cemeteries were authorized by the U.S. Government July 17, 1862
S President Lincoln Delivered the Gettysburg Address November 19, 1863
P Columbia County Soldiers
P Gettysburg photos

Key: [to letter or symbol designation]
S Secondary source, able to be read by secondary level student
P Primary source. For a good primer on how to teach with primary sources, go to Smithsonian's Teaching with Primary Sources
T Teaching material and lesson plan, background reading on a more scholarly level
I Interactive or multi-media that a student can use directly
V Place to visit or event to attend

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