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Pennsylvania Civil War 150

Pennsylvania Civil War 150


Specific Battles (Other than Gettysburg)


Type ? Resource Title
P Artifact: Paintings and Portraits: Rescue of the Colors
S List of Major Civil War Battles
S Tactics
P Artifact: Artillery: Tree trunk from Chickamauga
S The Ziegler Family
S Charles King
S Alexander Kelly

Other websites

Type ? Resource Title
S Battle of Nashville: Union Troops Broke through the Confederate Line December 16, 1864
S Grant Attacked Petersburg, Virginia April 2, 1865
S Lee Surrendered April 9, 1865
S Sherman Captured Fayetteville March 11, 1865
S The Union Navy Captured Fort Morgan, Alabama August 23, 1864
S Fighting commenced in the Battle of Chattanooga November 23, 1863
S General Ulysses S. Grant Attempted to Take Vicksburg, Mississippi May 19, 1863
S Charleston Surrendered February 18, 1865
T, P, I The Time of the Lincolns: Americans at War
S The Second Battle of Manassas August 30, 1862
S The Battle of Antietam September 17, 1862
S Index to Battles
V National Civil War Museum School Programs
T How to Research the Civil War in Your own Hometown Lesson Plan
S Burning of Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge
S Timeline of battles
T The Civil War Curriculum
V Field Trip Planner to Battlefields
T, P Civil War Battle Maps and Views
P Photographs of Battlefields
P Civil War Battle Maps
P, T The Civil War as Photographed by Mathew Brady
P Georgia: The Atlanta Campaign of 1864
T Voices of Bull Run

Key: [to letter or symbol designation]
S Secondary source, able to be read by secondary level student
P Primary source. For a good primer on how to teach with primary sources, go to Smithsonian's Teaching with Primary Sources
T Teaching material and lesson plan, background reading on a more scholarly level
I Interactive or multi-media that a student can use directly
V Place to visit or event to attend

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