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The PA Civil War 150 commemoration has concluded. You are viewing a static, archived version of the PA Civil War 150 website which will not be updated. It is a snapshot of the website with minor modifications as it appeared on July 16, 2015.
Pennsylvania Civil War 150

Pennsylvania Civil War 150



General Context


Type ? Resource Title
S Little-known aspects of Civil War
S Railroads
S Civil Rights legislation
S Civilians: Historical Overview
S Immigrants: Historical Overview
S Causes of The Civil War
S Government and Politics
S Home Front
S Immigration
S Then/Now – Government and Politics
S Political climate

Other websites

Type ? Resource Title
P Newspapers of the day
S, P Black Voting Rights: The Creation of the 15th Amendment
S, P The End of Slavery: The Creation of the 13th Amendment
I The Civil War Illustrations Activity: Why did the North win the Civil War?
T The Reconstruction Convention Simulation
T Civil Liberties in Civil War Pennsylvania
S West Virginia Admitted as the 35th State in the Union June 20, 1863
T Teaching American History program: lesson plans and teaching ideas for sectionalism, Civil War, and Reconstruction
S Jefferson Davis Elected President of the Confederate States of America November 6, 1861
S Kansas Entered the Union as a Free State January 29, 1861
I Reconstruction: The Second Civil War
T, P, I The Time of the Lincolns: Partisan Politics
T Civil liberties: Video
T 13th Amendment: Lesson plan
T 14th Amendment: Lesson plan
T 15th Amendment: Lesson plan
V National Civil War Museum School Programs
T How to Research the Civil War in Your Own Hometown: Lesson Plan
P “We’ll Sing to Abe Our Song”: Sheet Music
P Most Popular Primary Documents of the Civil War
S Election of 1860
T, P Letters, Telegrams, and Photographs Illustrating Factors that Affected the Civil War
P, S Civil War Resources: Letters, Documents, and Essays
I That a Nation Might Live Weekly Podcast
S The House Divided

Key: [to letter or symbol designation]
S Secondary source, able to be read by secondary level student
P Primary source. For a good primer on how to teach with primary sources, go to Smithsonian's Teaching with Primary Sources
T Teaching material and lesson plan, background reading on a more scholarly level
I Interactive or multi-media that a student can use directly
V Place to visit or event to attend

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