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Pennsylvania Civil War 150

Pennsylvania Civil War 150


Sullivan County Historical Society

Sullivan County Historical Society
All three of these uniforms belonged to Dane Carpenter. The one on the left is a dress jacket, in the middle a similar one but perhaps used as induction or cadet jacket, the one on the right is a coat of heavy wool. Robert Dane Carpenter in this photo in uni

About the Sullivan County Historical Society

Sullivan County was formed from Lycoming County in 1847. Its history predates the inception of this formation and the Society's museum reflects the life and times of those who have come before. This area, nestled in the Endless Mountains of the Appalacians, is relatively remote from major population centers and is predominantly rural and agricultural throughout its exitence.

Programs and Services

The Sullivan County Historical Society presents a home in the decor of life between 1850 to 1880 with an accompanying yard and garden that depicts plants for that period. Also, in a newly built barn are displays of farming, mining, tanning, railroads and lumbering to demonstrate to visitors the hardships faced by the people thru the infancy of the development of Sullivan County.
On July 4th weekend, the Society inv


Reflections, letters and authored books about Sullivan Countians comprise a walk through the history of the involvement of the peoples of Sullivan County. Displays of artifacts for the time period also demonstrate a lifestyle unimaginable today for living daily life in those times.

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