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Pennsylvania Civil War 150

Pennsylvania Civil War 150


Undecorated: Heroines of the Civil War

Caroline Le Count

Long before Rosa Parks' bus, there was Caroline Le Count's streetcar. Learn how this courageous African American fought for her civil rights in the streets of Philadelphia.

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Hettie Shriver

Hettie Shriver fled Gettsyburg with her children, taking refuge on a hill called Little Round Top. Read how Hettie and her family made it through the battle...and what she found when she finally returned home.

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Susan Ritter Trautwine McManus

Susan Trautwine dedicated herself to comforting wounded soldiers in local hospitals, but she never forgot the ones who needed just as much support: the family members who couldn't be there.

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Anna Elizabeth Dickinson

For Anna Elizabeth Dickinson, keeping quiet was not an option. In fact, she made a whole career out of voicing her opinion. Learn about her fans, her fame, and of course, the gossip that followed her everywhere.

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Jane Grey Swisshelm

Jane Grey Swisshelm's printing presses were set aflame not once but two times. Of course, she'd already survived family tragedy and divorce – she wasn't about to let arson slow her down.

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Mary "Mammy" Ruggles

Read how Mammy Ruggles kept her wits about her during the invasion of York – and how she kept the U.S. flag from falling into Confederate hands.

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Sarah Broadhead

At the end of the Battle of Gettysburg, Sarah Broadhead emerged from her cellar. What she saw should have sent her running back into it. Find out what she did instead.

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Elizabeth Schwalm

Elizabeth Schwalm cared for five children under the age of five while running the family farm in her husband's absence. Many would say this qualifies her as a war hero.

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Marie Brose Tepe Leonard

Not even a bullet to the ankle or her thieving husband and his soldier friends would keep this determined woman off the battlefield. Learn how Marie Tepe earned the nickname "French Mary."

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