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Pennsylvania Civil War 150

Pennsylvania Civil War 150


Facts & Figures

National Statistics

Population at the Start of the War


Free: 21,909,269
Slave: 432,632
Total: 22,341,901

Note: The slave population of the Union was primarily concentrated in the border states of Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky and Missouri.


Free: 5,482,222
Slave: 3,521,150
Total: 9,003,372


Free: 27,391,491
Slave: 3,953,782
Total: 31,345,273

Number of Men Who Fought in War

Union: 2,100,000
Confederate: 1,064,000



Killed in action: 110,000
Other deaths: 250,000
Total dead: 360,000
Wounded: 275,200


Killed in action: 93,000
Other deaths: 167,000
Total dead: 260,000
Wounded: 137,000


Railroad miles at the start of the war

Union: 20,000
Confederacy: 9,000

Number of factories

Union: 110,274
Confederacy: 18,026
Total: 128,300

Miles of telegraph line laid during the war (approximate)

Union: 15,000
Confederacy: 461

Note: Although many miles were laid, telegraph lines were frequently destroyed by acts of sabotage.

Pennsylvania Statistics

Population in 1860 2,906,215

Military Service

Army: 360,000 (17% of Union forces)
Navy: 40,000
Militia: 25,000
United States Colored Troops: 8,612 (10.9% of northern total)

Medal of Honor Recipients

187 (12% of total awarded)


Total killed in action: 15,265 (13.9% of Union killed)
Total died of all causes: 33,183 (9.2% of Union deaths)

Gettysburg casualties

Union: 23,055
Confederate: 23,000 (approximate)
Pennsylvanian civilians killed: 1


Union iron produced in Pennsylvania: 80%
Union anthracite coal produced in Pennsylvania: 100%
Union ironclad ships produced in Pennsylvania: 4
Cannons produced by Fort Pitt Works: 2,000
Cannons produced by Phoenixville Iron Company: 1,000
Bullets produced at Allegheny Arsenal 40,000 per day
Employees of Allegheny Arsenal: 1,100 (increased from pre-war 308)
Killed in Allegheny Arsenal explosion: 78

Information for this section was contributed by Kelly Knight, The Pennsylvania State University.

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