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The PA Civil War 150 commemoration has concluded. You are viewing a static, archived version of the PA Civil War 150 website which will not be updated. It is a snapshot of the website with minor modifications as it appeared on July 16, 2015.
Pennsylvania Civil War 150

Pennsylvania Civil War 150

Watch Our Programs

Watch Our Programs

PA Civil War 150 working in partnership with the Pennsylvania Humanities Council, The Pennsylvania State Library and local historical societies and libraries continues to present a wide range of Civil War related programming throughout the Commonwealth. Check out the videos below. These programs were presented in 2011 and 2012 in cooperation with the Civil War Road Show. Come back often as we will be adding new videos on a variety of different topics relating to Pennsylvania in the Civil War.

Harold Holzer: Emancipating Lincoln

In continuation of the commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War, the State Museum held a special presentation by author and Lincoln scholar Harold Holzer. The program, focused on Holzer's book, Emancipating Lincoln: The Proclamation in Text, Context and History, and was sponsored by the Pennsylvania Heritage Foundation and taped and broadcast by Pennsylvania Cable Network.


Widow of the South

This presentation was taped at the Bethlehem Area Public Library. The lecture features author Robert Hicks of the New York Times bestseller Widow of the South. Hicks, who is also known as a national authority and interpreter of the Civil War and its continued relevance, leads a discussion about his best-selling book.


Lincoln's Love of Pennsylvania

This lecture features Civil War expert and author of Deserter Country, Dr. Robert Sandow, along with veteran actor James Hayney, who portrays Lincoln in this interpretation. Hayney's performance explores Lincoln's deep roots within the state and why he felt a personal connection to the "Keystone State."

This presentation was taped at the Centre County Library and Historical Museum community garden in Bellefonte, PA.


We Are Coming, Father Abram: Lincoln in the Songs of the Civil War

This presentation was taped at the Adams County Arts Council Center. The lecture features speaker Michael Lasser, a Civil War music expert and includes singers Cindy Miller and Alan Jones. Lasser performs with Miller and Jones with discussion on such Civil War topics as abolitionism, life at home, the Confederacy and the Union and Lincoln.

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